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About Us

Quad Communities Development Corporation (QCDC) serves the south lakefront communities of North Kenwood, Oakland, Douglas and Grand Boulevard. Formed in May of 2003, its mission is to improve the quality of life and economic strength of its neighborhoods by:

1) Driving economic development; 2) Fostering the improvement of neighborhood schools; and 3) Supporting and connecting organizations focused on workforce development, retail attraction/retention and safety.

A catalyst for the creation of a vibrant, sustainable, and healthy mixed-income community, QCDC drives the development of commercial projects, supports and attracts small businesses and creates an environment supportive of private investment. Our redevelopment and revitalization efforts focus on three critical quality of life areas:  Economic Development, Education, and Employment.    

We provide technical assistance to small businesses; manage commercial corridor maintenance and place-making initiatives; develop safety and violence prevention programs; direct business attraction and retention programs and oversee out-of-school time social/emotional and health programming for Reavis Science and Math Specialty School.  

In addition, the organization partners with the Cara Program, a job placement provider primarily serving residents affected by poverty and barriers to employment.  

Our efforts impact neighborhoods in transition where low, moderate, and market rate families work to rebuild and sustain quality housing, schools, and businesses.

Click here to download the QCDC brochure.