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tes his opinion regarding colonial administration in the Spanish empire. The colonies male enhancement vs transgender kopet male enhancement should be kept in a dependent and subordinate position, and their high officials should be sent from Spain. Commerce should be maintained between the colonies and the mother country. At present the conditions and results of this trade are ruinous. Loyola advocates the establishment at Manila of a consulate of trade, like that at Mexico strict prohibition of Mexican participation in the China trade and its monopoly by the inhabitants of the Philippines. Letters from the viceroy of Mexico state that the merchants definitionof male enhancement of Peru who trade with Spain are being ruined, on account of the definitionof male enhancement long time during which they must wait for returns on their money, and best natural male enhancement 5g male the excessive duties definitionof male enhancement charged on their goods. As a result, they are sending their goods to M.the last day, as a conclusion to the fiesta, valuable prizes were distributed on the occasion of a literary contest, the announcement of which had been published some definitionof male enhancement days before with much show and solemnity. In this contest many excellent and ingenious compositions of various kinds were delivered, to which prizes were awarded, after two exceedingly pleasing, dignified and impressive declamations had been recited in praise of the holy relics. Divine worship was also pill for male enhancement improved in the new church by the addition of some silver lamps, candlesticks, chalices, patines, wine cruets, monstrances, and thuribles many definitionof male enhancement altar hangings and chasubles, made not only from the silk and embroideries of that country, but from damask, velvet, and brocade brought from Espana and Italia, with printed borders hangings heavily embroidered with.

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