QCDC understands that vibrant communities are reflective of quality housing, great schools, and lots of places to shop and play. Equally important is providing opportunities for area residents to access employment.  That’s why QCDC partners with the CARA Program to operate the Quad Communities Center For Working Families.  In addition, QCDC partners with The 741 Collaborative, seven (7) workforce development organizations working as one to address the employment needs of community residents.


The Center for Working Families is a collaboration between Cara staff, LISC Chicago, and the Quad Communities Development Corporation.  Its aspiration is to help community residents to (as authored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation) “increase their earnings and income (“Earn It”), reduce their financial transaction costs (“Keep It”), and build wealth for themselves and their communities (“Grow It”).” Visit the CWF website to learn more.

The 741 Collaborative is a unique partnership of Chicago not-for-profit agencies. We joined forces to put employers in touch with local, qualified job candidates who are prepared and ready for careers in a diverse range of industries. Our collective power gives you open access to job placement and career resources not typically shared between non-profit organizations. What’s our next great success story? You. Visit the 741 website to learn more.