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that they were attempting to make their route through our Province, he hastens to set out from the city, and, by as great marches as he can, proceeds to Further Gaul, and arrives at Geneva. He orders the whole Province to furnish as great a number of soldiers as possible, as there was in all only one legion in Further Gaul he orders the bridge at Geneva to be broken down. When the Helvetii are apprised of his arrival, they send to him, as ambassadors, the most illustrious men of red root male enhancement their state in which embassy Numeius and Verudoctius held the chief place , to say that it was their intention to march through the Province without doing any harm, because they had according to their own r.ldiers to prepare whatever was necessary for that enterprise and as a bridge free male enhancement over free male enhancement the Loire connected the town of buy out of date male enhancement Genabum with the opposite free male enhancement bank, fearing lest the inhabitants should escape by night from the town, he orders two legions to keep watch under arms. The people of Genabum came forth silently from the city before midnight, free male enhancement and began to free male enhancement cross the river. When this circumstance was announced by scouts, Caesar, having set fire to the gates, sends in free male enhancement the legions which he free male enhancement had ordered to be xflo male enhancement ready, and obtains possession of the town so completely, that very few of the whole number of the enemy escaped being taken alive, because the narrowness of the bridge and the roads prevented.

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