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orders, had he exerted his authority but, as he and the procylon male enhancement supercargo were always living on shore, nothing was done. The mutiny was brought to a head by the discovery of the captain s journal, in which he inveighed against the crew, and especially a man named Reed. Captain Tait, who had before behaved ill and been punished by Captain Swan, took advantage of this state of discontent to advise the men to turn him out, hoping to be chosen in his stead to command the ship. They would have sailed at once, had procylon male enhancement not the surgeon and his mate been on shore. To procylon male enhancement get them off, the mutineers dispatched John Cookworthy, a follower of their party, who procylon male enhancement was directed to say that one of the men had broken procylon male enhancement his leg, and required their assistance. The surgeon replied that he intended to return next day, but sent his mate, Herman Coppingering a little slave boy as a present. The captain said he was too young to be at sea, and the Sultan exchanged him for a bigger rlx male enhancement reviews boy. The men purchased a number of parrots and cockatoos, as white as milk, with bunches of feathers on their heads. The captain also purchased a canoe, which the carpenters altered by sawing off procylon male enhancement one end and making it flat, when she rowed and sailed admirably. From this place the Cygnet steered across for New Holland, as the crew wished to ascertain what that country would afford procylon male enhancement them. On the 4th of January, 1688, they fell in with the land of New Holland, and then coasted along some distance. At that time procylon male enhancement it was not known procylon male enhancement whether it was an island or a continent, but Dampier affirms that it joins neither to Asia, Africa, nor America. The land was low and sandy, and destitute of water. Damp.

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