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expedition, a mutiny was designed, but discovered before it broke out, and the leader, Bernal Diaz, was confined on board one of the ships, to be sent to Spain for trial. vaso male enhancement Columbus now commenced the proposed expedition, leaving his brother Don Diego in command of the city and the ships. He was can male enhancement pills be detected in a drug test well received by the natives wherever he went, and was fully satisfied that the region was prolific in gold. To secure it he built a fortress called Saint Thomas, to the male penis enhancement before and after command of which he appointed Pedro Margarite, and garrisoned it with fifty six men. Delighted with all vaso male enhancement he had seen, Columbus returned to Isabella on the 29th of March. Great progress had been made, and many of the vaso male enhancement seeds had already sprung up, bearing fruit. Unfortunately, however, vaso male enhancement bread had become scarce, vaso male enhancement and there was no means of grinding wheat. Disease als.ed greatly from that of the Portuguese, who had always represented it as a cape of storms. The crew of the Golden vaso male enhancement Hind suspected that they had done so for the purpose of preventing other mariners from attempting to pass it. The crew of the Golden Hind had now proved that the dreaded cape could be rounded and the Straits of Magellan passed through in safety. For a whole month they did not again sight land until the 15th of June, when they passed Rio de Sesto, where they saw some boats of negroes fishing, but did not communicate with them. On the 22nd of vaso male enhancement the same month they came to an anchor off Sierra Leone, where, at the mouth of the river Tagoine, they spent two days watering. They were not a little astonished to see countless numbers of oysters vaso male enhancement clinging to the branches of the mangrove trees overhanging the water.

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