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ingly steered in and brought up opposite Rastello, at the mouth of the river Tagus. The oldest mariners who came off assured Columbus that they had never known so temptestuous a winter, and had been watching his vessel with the greatest xtend xr male enhancement anxiety since she had first been seen. He immediately dispatched a courier to the King and Queen of best male enhancement pills ebay Spain with the tidings of his discovery, and requested permission of the King of Portugal to go up to Lisbon, fearing that the inhabitants of Rastello, when they heard of her rich freight, might be tempted to rob her. The King xtend xr male enhancement of Portugal, who was some distance from the capital, at once invited Columbus to visit him. During the interview which ensued he endeavoured to conceal his vexation at having refused the proposals which had been made him by xtend xr male enhancement the navigator. His Court tried to per.mpier, with about thirty five of his men, went on board the Anglesey , while the rest were disposed of between the other two men of war. The Anglesey was bound for Barbadoes, xtend xr male enhancement where she arrived on xtend xr male enhancement the 8th of May, 1701. Dampier was extremely anxious, however, to get home to vindicate his character for the loss of his ship. In a short time he succeeded in obtaining a passage on board the xtend xr male enhancement Canterbury , East Indiaman, in which he at length reached England. Although during xtend xr male enhancement his voyage he had made many important additions to geographical knowledge, he was much distressed at the loss of his ship and his papers and, as the Earl of Pembroke no longer presided at the Admiralty, he obtained no reward for his services, nor promise of further employment. No one in authority seemed to consider that he had been sent to sea in a rot.

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