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Quad Communities Unsung Hero Series "Belinda Starks"

Choose to Act, Choose to Get Involved

            Every community needs heroes.  No, they do not have to wear stunningly obnoxious capes and way too tight leotards or cunningly disguising masks.  That is not what the definition of a hero is.  Anonymity, a mask disguising the help being given, is not the important part of being an Unsung Hero as with other heroes.  The community knows who these people are and respects what they do.  They go to community meetings and walk to the grocery store and accept awards for their outstanding work in an area.  As an Unsung Hero, they give as much as they are able to give to their community in order to help make it a better place for everybody.  They put their heart and soul into their work and brighten up the region where they can.  The Mid South Chicago region needs these heroes, the ones who see the area for the good that it is and what it can be, not for how awful and area is and everything they think it needs without even thinking about community involvement.  One of the heroes that is fulfilling her role to its fullest is hardworking and unyielding Belinda Starks. 

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