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Associated Colleges of the Midwest visits the Quad Communities.

The ACM Chicago Program aims to help students learn about the methods, importance, and rewards of using liberal learning in a global city.  

Designed to examine topics from the cross-disciplinary perspectives of the social sciences, humanities, and arts, the program combines specialized internships with coursework and cultural immersion in Chicago neighborhoods to achieve these overall learning goals:

  • ·         To understand – through intense interaction with key communities and leaders – how the threads of arts, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement weave together in the complex, rich tapestry of the city;
  • ·         To develop an understanding of Chicago and the multicultural character of contemporary cities through immersive living, direct involvement, and structured analysis of neighborhoods and their assets; and
  • ·         To develop skill and confidence in using liberal learning, including independent inquiry and discovery processes, to understand and live productively in a global city.

At the end of the semester, students should be able to “read” a city, drawing upon their experiential and academic encounters with Chicago to decipher the ways in which artists, entrepreneurs, and activists interact with each other and create the fabric of a complex city. Students should have the ability to apply their liberal learning in a 21st-century city, using it on their own to live and continue learning through an active intellectual, civic, and professional life.


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